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Like a fairy tale - Happily ever after - chapter 4/5

Part 4: Happily Ever After / Et ils furent heureux

Chapter 4: Iron shoes into burning coals / Pantoufles de fer sur des charbons ardents

Cons hit the bars with whatever they found: toothbrushes, their own heads, other cons. Madmen applauded and howled. Free time had been restricted, control of the different areas of the asylum had increased, doors were locked twice and double checked, to Harvey Dent’s greatest pleasure.

The guards were tense, walking in pairs.

“Is it true?” they whispered.

“Yeah, it is.”

They might be the only gothamites who weren’t reassured by the most recent news.

The Joker was back in Arkham.

Lire la suite sur AO3... (en français c'est ici)

Sinon, le premier chapitre de la première partie, c'est ici: EN / FR :)
Tags: perso : damian wayne, perso : tim drake
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