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Like a fairy tale - Happily ever after - chapter 5/5

Part 4: Happily Ever After / Et ils furent heureux

Chapter 5: Grandmother’s teeth / Les dents de Mère Grand

Jason crossed the street full of journalists as quickly as possible without running, bitching internally. Since Lex had started his campaign for the primaries, they were glued to Lex Tower from all sides, and Lex had forbidden him to get in by the windows. What if they actually manage to see you, Jason? He had said.

Fuck him. Jason barely managed not to be blinded by their flashes because, of course, he was news material. Between ‘the prodigal son leaves Wayne ent. to join the enemy!’ and ‘The Joker’s brother runs away from Gotham’… Well, at least they weren’t about to find out about their relationship.

He smirked at the cameras, barely suppressing a glare, then finally managed to reach the hall.

“Welcome, Mr Todd.”

Lire la suite sur AO3... (en français c'est ici)

Sinon, le premier chapitre de la première partie, c'est ici: EN / FR :)
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